Caramel Brittle

Easy Homemade Caramel Brittle

Easy Homemade Caramel Brittle

Caramel Brittle

Welcome to our blog, we’re gonna show you a snack and toppings you can make at home. It’s called Caramel Brittle.

Have you ever tried the caramel honey comb before? it’s made by cooking sugar and baking powder together to make a honey comb structure. it’s light and crunchy.

Actually, out Caramel Brittle is also a caramel honey comb but we made a little twist to it. As baking soda is a chemical product, we don’t want to consume too much and that’s the reason why we made out brittle.

For our Brittle, we use less baking soda than the original caramel honey comb. This kind of adjustment will increase the density and result a less crunchy texture.

As you can see, ours brittle is thin and dense but it still has the honey comb texture and crunchiness. We will keep experimenting recipes in the future to get the best healthy and tasty Honey comb recipe.

For now, let’s try our Caramel Brittle to see you like it or not!

Caramel Brittle Recipe

sugar: 50 g

honey: 15 g

baking soda: 3 g

First of all, we’re making caramel, every action should be fast so we have to prepare everything first, the tray and the pot. Remember to cover the tray with baking paper.

Caramel Brittle

Then, we have to put the sugar and honey in the pot and start with medium heat to make a caramel.

After it starts to boil and reach caramel color, we dump the baking soda into the pot and keep cooking with low heat until you can not smell the baking soda pungent smell.

Lastly, we transfer them to the tray and let it cools.

There you have a Caramel Brittle, a health version of caramel honey comb. You can also use this as ice cream toppings.

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