4 ingredients green apple jelly

Today, we’re gonna share with you on how to make a four ingredients green apple jelly, this time, we will provide the recipe for you to try our newly developed jelly.


green apple puree(frozen) 1000g

sugar 200g

water 1000g

gelatin mass 240g


In order to make our green apple jelly, we just put all of the apple puree, sugar and water into a big pot and bring to a boil. Here is the reason why we do this, the green apple puree and the water are liquid, that could be mix together well, for the sugar, it could be dissolved well in such large volume of liquid, imagine you’re making a syrup, you just need to mix large volume of water and dissolve the sugar inside the water, it’s very easy to make, just mix the green apple puree, water and sugar together, then bring them to a boil.water

Green apple puree, sugar and water

After that, we’re gonna make our gelatin mass, we’re using gelatin powder with water, the ratio is 1:5, one part of gelatin powder to 5 part of water so in this recipe, we are using 40g of gelatin powder with 200g of water and a total of 240 gelatin mass.


In order to make the gelatin mass, we must use cold water, as room temperature is too warm for the gelatin to mix, that might lead to a very soft texture. If our gelatin is soft, that means it might be easy to get some remaining dry gelatin powder, that will ruin our green apple jelly.

Here’s how to prepare our gelatin mass, we use cold water to mix with the gelatin powder with a whisk, so we can get rid of dry gelatin residue and have a stiff gelatin solid mass.

Lastly, after we boil our puree mixture, off the heat and add in our

nice, stiff gelatin mass that make a nice green apple jelly.

Finished product

The jelly can be served with cups or it could be used to make layers in an individual cake so if you would like to know how to make it, stay tuned for our future’s post.

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