Tastes Recipes sharing

Tastes Recipes sharing

Hello folks, Newcookking is here to share another Tastes recipes with all of you. We’re way too busy to write the blog, we’re sorry that we could not update daily.

In fact, we’re having a critical moment in Hong Kong, the Wu-han virus is very serious in Hong Kong and everyone has to stay at home.

Feel free to show support to Hong Kong by spreading the news with twitter link below.

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Although we’re having a hard time in Hong Kong, we have to cheer ourselves. That’s why we’re gonna share online Tastes Recipes with you.

This recipe is easy to do and everyone has an oven could do it, we call this our foolproof recipe. if you feel like having a quick snack, this recipe is great.

Normally, these cheese treats could be found in hotels bars as snacks, they have a light flavor that go along with beer.

If you’re interested in making these little treats, follow us. Last but not least, Free Hong Kong!

Mozzarella cheese puff

Tastes Recipes

water: 250g

milk: 250g

butter 225g

salt: 10g

sugar: 10g

cake flour: 275g

eggs: 400g

mozzarella cheese: 125g

Firstly, we boil the butter, salt, sugar, milk and water in the saucepan. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 160 degree C.

Tastes Recipes

After boiling, we’re gonna pour the cake flour and stir until we form a dough.

Tastes Recipes

Then, we switch the stove to medium heat and keep cooking the dough until it burnt a little bit on the pan.

Next, we transfer the dough to a bowl and whisk them with the mozzarella cheese.

Tastes Recipes

After all, whisk in the eggs one by one and reach a paste like texture.

Then, you can pipe any shape you like and top them with cheese and bake them right ahead.

Tastes Recipes

Please keep in mind different sizes vary the products, if you’re piping a small one, it might take about 15 to 20 minutes to bake. If you’re piping a big one, it might take another 10 minutes to bake well.

There you go, a cheese Tastes Recipes product you can have at home.

If you would like to try our financier recipe, click Bakery In France Financier.

Good Eats

Thank you for visiting, hope you enjoy our recipe.

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