Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) 玉子焼き recipe

Hi guys, today we’re going to share how to make Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette)玉子焼き at home.


Tamagoyaki as known as Japanese omelette and it originated in Japan. There are so many recipes of Tamagoyaki. You can add any type of ingredients for the filling. For example, you can add nori(seaweed), cheese or kimchi etc.

Normally, there are 6 main ingredients for making Tamagoyaki, you just need eggs, dashi stock, soy sauce, sugar, Mirin and vegetable oil to make it. This dish is a delicate for Japanese style breakfast or side dish. We will say Tamagoyaki have mild taste because it is a sweet savory which is suitable for children too!

However, for the equipment, we have use the Tamagoyaki pan but it is not necessary, you can also use the normal round circle pan to make it too. We have tried it before and got the same result, no worry about that but the only concern is when you are using the round pan, you need to trim the edges to reshape the Tamagoyaki.


We used the round pan to make Tamagoyaki before, gorgeous ya. Tamagoyaki with nori(seaweed) and cheese

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Here is the following recipe and instructions below:


Ingredients: (Yields: 2 servings)
3pcs Eggs
1 1/2tsp Vegetable oil
3tbsp Dashi stock
1 1/2tsp Japanese soy sauce
1 1/2tsp Sugar
1 tsp Mirin

OK let’s start cooking!


1. First of all, gather all the ingredients.


Eggs, Dashi stock, sugar, Japanese soy sauce and Mirin

2. Next, whisk the eggs gently, use the chopsticks or fork with “cutting” motion for whisking. Then add the seasonings to the egg mixture, mix until combined.


3. Moreover, preheat your Tamagoyaki pan with low heat, smear with vegetable oil on your pan.



4. Furthermore, when you can hear some sizzling sound, pour in a thin layer of mixture. Poke the air bubbles to release the air if there are. After that, when the bottom of the eggs has set but still soft on top, start rolling.


A thin layer


1st round of rolling

5. However, move the omelette to the side that you started, smear the oil again and repeat the steps. Pour in the egg mixture again, make sure to lift the omelette to spread the mixture underneath. That’s the important motion for making Tamagoyaki. Erase the edges with spatula, then repeat the steps until you don’t any leftover of the mixture.






2nd round of rolling

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you don’t any leftover of the mixture. Here is the 3rd round of rolling.


3rd round of rolling


4th round of rolling

7. Afterwards, continue rolling the Tamagoyaki into the big roll, this is our last round. Oh yeah~


Last egg mixture


5th round of rolling (final)

8. Finally, shape the Tamagoyaki and you can pan-frying a little bit more until it have golden brown color. This part is optional. Remove from the pan and chill about 3 minutes.


DADA! Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) was done! Yum.



You can see there’s juicy and tender inside, and also the layers of Tamagoyaki.


Tamagoyaki served with Japanese soba. Our favorite!

We hope you guys will enjoy this post and to try to do that, see you next time. Bye! If you’re interested in making desserts,
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