Good Eats Pate De Fruits With Gelatin

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Good Eats Pate De Fruits

Good Eats

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Today, we’re gonna share a Good Eats recipe you can have at home with only 3 ingredients.

Pate de fruits is a jelly traditionally made with pectin and puree. Normally, the pectin is boiled with the puree and sugar to about 107 degree c to activate.

In this recipe, we’re using gelatin instead of pectin. It’s quite easy to make.

In fact, we were trying to make gummy but we made this jelly candy accidentally but we kind of like it and want to share with you.

Let’s see some of the failed one here. The amount of gelatin is not enough and failed to form in solid.

Good Eats

Good Eats Pate De Fruits Recipe

Good Eats

raspberry puree: 200g

sugar: 25g

lemon juice: 6g

gelatin: 100g

First of all, we have to align the baking paper on the tray. You should always ready all of the stuff before making a move in cooking.

Then, we measure the puree and sugar in the sauce pan. If we’re using pectin, the pectin should combine with the sugar or they’ll form lumps.

Good Eats

Furthermore, we measure the gelatin by soaking them into cold water bath. The cold water bath activate the gelatin and prevent it from melting.

Good Eats

Moreover, we turn on the stove to medium heat to melt the sugar and puree.

Good Eats

After the puree and sugar are melted, we add in the lemon juice to intensify the flavor.

Good Eats

Lastly, we melt the gelatin in the puree mixture and mix well. Pour the hot mixture in the tray and cool in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

There you go, a gelatin version of Pate de fruits with our good eats recipe.

Good Eats

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What is gelatin?

what is gelatin?


What is gelatin?

This is a question that’s mostly asked by people when they first known of gelatin.

Gelatin is a protein that solidify our liquid, we use that in making jelly, mousse, confit or even western dish sauce. It is a substance that took a big part in pastry.

What is gelatin made of?

Gelatin is made of bones. Yes, it’s made of bones, the method in making gelatin is very simple, boil the pig bones, skin with water and reduce the whole pot of mixture, the residue fluid is the gelatin, sound easy but when you’re making that, you’ll figure out that you need lots of bones and skin to make only a small volume of gelatin, that’s why we’ll not make that by our own hands. We buy gelatin sheets and gelatin powder in stores.

Gelatin sheets or gelatin powder?

What’s the difference between gelatin sheets and gelatin powder? Most of the people will ask this question so what’s the difference? the ingredients are the same but the application method is totally difference. If you’re using gelatin sheets, you’ll have to just soak the gelatin sheets into the cold water and soak them until they become soft.

On the other hand, when we’re using gelatin powder, we measure the powder and mix that will cold water, mix well with a whisk and wait for the powder to absorb the moisture and become moist.

Both of the gelatin powder and gelatin sheets make good quality of jelly or mousse but i seldom use gelatin because of the following reasons.

Firstly, gelatin sheets need to soak in the water but the water volume do not have a standard in recipe, chefs will ask you to just soak them in water and use it, no measurement affect the quality of the products, for the gelatin powder, we measure exactly the correct ratio of water to blend with the gelatin powder,having a much more precise result.

what is gelatin?

Secondly, if you’re a careless person, i really don’t recommend you to use gelatin sheets because they are sensitive with heat, if you forgot to use cold water to soak the them, they will melt and all you have is a watery gelatin. On the other hand, if we accidentally use the warm water or room temperature water to mix the gelatin powder, we still measure the exact volume of water and gelatin although the mixture will become a little watery.

So, which one are you gonna choose, gelatin sheets or gelatin powder? We prefer gelatin powder.


As we mentioned before, we use cold water to soak our gelatin sheets and gelatin powder but why?

First of all, we figure out that there are freezing point and melting point in science, freezing point means that the temperature that’ll freeze the substance and the melting point of cos mean that the temperature to melt. The melting point of gelatin is about 35 degree c, we should also mention that it’s quite hot in Hong Kong, most of the time, the temperature of the room temperature water is around 30 degree C, the 30 degree C.

Although we mention that gelatin melt at about 35 degree C, if we soak it into water, the gelatin absorb the water and soften, we have to squeeze the excess water out of gelatin sheets. Here comes the important part, when we’re holding the gelatin, our hands have body temperature, that will melt the gelatin and your hands will be sticky.

As a result, we use cold water to prevent the melting of gelatin, as the cold water can help us to cool down the temperature of the gelatin so we will not get a mess.

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Tasty green apple confit

green apple confit

“Green apple confit”

When we first heard of confits, we’ll think that it’s like a thick paste but how can a thick paste become green apple confit, that’s the question.

We started to do some researches. Learn how a confit is made, some chefs use gelatin to make, they boil the puree and melt the gelatin mass in the pot.

Gelatin is good but the confit might become jelly as we want to make a confit that is not a jelly, a half jelly, half paste like texture will be much better, that’s why we had to keep finding the way to make it.

Then, we found out that there’s a thickening agent called xantana, a natural thickening agent. westerb chefs use this to make the sauce or molecular gastronomy. They mix the xantana with the ingredients and blend them with a hand blender.

Unfortunately, the result in using xantana is good for sauce only, the mixture become thick but it’s still watery.

Finally, we found out that a thickening agent called NH pectin, pectin came from the skin of fruits but we use.pectin in this recipe.

Let we explain the reason we use NH pectin, when pectin is boiled at high temperature, the pectin will be cooked and thicken the liquid, become a jam like texture, that’s exactly what we wanted, a half liquid and half jelly texture.

In this recipe, we use fresh apples to make the confit, the green apple and lime confit should have texture but not a plain jelly. the apples are peeled and diced in cubes so the confit will be good look and elegant.

If you’re still reading, here is the recipe for you to try our green apple confit.

Fresh apple 1pc

Vanilla bean 1pc

Lime juice 60g

Sugar 71g

NH pectin 8g

First of all, in order to make our green apple confit, we peel the green apple with a small knife, I’ll just peel the thin layer of skin on the surface because we need the pulp of apples, we can not waste that much.

Then, we measure the pectin, sugar and vanilla bean in a small pot, mix well until uniform in color. After that, measure the water in the same pot we use to measure pectin mixture. Boil the mixture, it should be boiling.

green apple confit

After all, we dump our diced fresh green apple into the vanilla mixture, here comes the important part, we use cling filmed to wrap the pot and simmer the mixture for at least 20 minutes to make our green apple confit.

Lastly, we pour the apple mixture and fill in a half sphere mold, put in the fridge for a day and unmold it.

green apple confit

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Finished product