Good Eats Candied Orange Peel

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Good Eats Candied Orange peel

Good Eats

Hello, Welcome back. We’re Newcookking, thanks for visiting our blog. We’re gonna share a brand new recipe with you today, it’s an easy to make and fool proof Good Eats recipe.

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As you can see, we’re gonna share the experience in making candied orange peel, it’s dry and covered with sugar.

Normally, chocolate will be covered on the candied orange peel. Unfortunately, we haven’t bought any chocolate, not even non temper one.

This is ours’ first time making orange peel without an oven, we dry the orange peels with the microwave. It’s quite a challenging experience,  we even burnt the peel for the first time.

So, why were making orange peel with the microwave is challenging?

Firstly, we don’t know the exact temperature in the microwave. If it’s too high, it burnt the peels.

Secondly, the microwave will roast the peels instead of drying them. The surface might caramelize and affect the colour.

Last but not least, the time of drying the orange peels. We really don’t even know the exact time for the drying process. If we’re using an oven, we can set the temperature as low as possible and leave them dry overnight.

How can we overcome all of the problems then?

All we have to do is keep trying until we get the best result. After burning a lot of time, we know the time and how to set the power of the microwave.

So, if you’re interested by the recipe, let’s get started!

Good Eats Candied Orange Peel Recipe

Orange: 1 pc

Sugar: 100g

Water: 60g

Salt: 10g

First of all, we cut the orange peel with a knife and slice them into julienne. Remember we only want the orange peels, other stuff will make the peels sour in taste.

Good Eats

Secondly, we boil the water and salt to make a bath for the orange peels in order to get rid of the bitter taste.

Good Eats

Thirdly, we blanch the peels until the water become yellowish.

Good Eats

Then, we strain the peels and prepare the syrup.

Meanwhile, we put the orange peel into the sauce pan and start the stove to medium heat and let them boil for at least half an hour.

Good Eats

When you see the orange peels become little bit transparent, strain them and leave aside.

Here comes the fun part, set the microwave power to low and microwave the orange  peels for 10 seconds intervals.

You should microwave the peels until they’re a little bit dry. Dump them in the sugar and coat them with sweets.

Here you go, the Good Eats Candied Orange Peels!

Good Eats

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Good Eats

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Candied Pumpkin Seeds Easy Guide

Candied Pumpkin Seeds

Candied Pumpkin Seeds

Candied Pumpkin Seeds


We’re gonna make something special today, that’s a snack called Candied Pumpkin Seeds.

Sure you can sweet fried a lot of different kinds of things such as taro, walnuts or even sweet potatoes but we’re gonna choose pumpkin.

Why’re we gonna choose pumpkin? It’s because it is healthy and tasty of course.

These tiny snacks are best for staying as a couch potato. Eat that when you watch soap opera, have it your way, you could also use them as garnishes on your own dishes.

Normally, most of the sweet fried snacks are unhealthy. They use caster sugar to make them, the sugar tastes too sweet when you bite on it. Ours are different, it’s less unhealthy.

The sugar we’re using in making these snacks is different too, we use brown sugar instead of caster sugar because it has less sweet content.

For your information, we’re gonna make a syrup, it’s best to handle with caution as syrup is pretty high in temperature.

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Candied Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Pumpkin Seed:  200g

Brown sugar: 150g

water: little bit

First of all, we warm the pumpkin seed with medium heat and avoid burning them.

candied pumpkin seeds

Then, we start preparing our syrup by pouring sugar on the sauce pan and cover water exactly like the photo below.

W boil the sugar mixture until we have sticky texture like below.

We pour the Pumpkin seeds into the syrup, lower to low heat and keep folding them until they become white in colour.

Lastly, we pour the Candied Pumpkin Seeds on a flat tray to cool down and enjoy the little snacks.


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3 ingredients simple candied lemon

3 ingredients simple candied lemon

“Candied lemon”

3 ingredients simple candied lemon

Have you ever tried to make candied stuff, like candied apple, candied flower or other candied items? We love to make candied stuff cos it’s easy to make and delicious.

We went to buy some candied lemon in an old candy shop, we think that the candies are brilliant and we wish to make our own easy to make candied lemon.

Having some attempts to make the candy that suite for us, we want to have a candy that is not too sweet, not too burnt and the flavors of the fruit should remain, the sugary taste should not over the fruity flavors.

That’s not hard for us to figure out the formula to make a fruity candied lemon, we just keep using lemon,skin the lemon, boil the syrup, infuse the lemon and wait for it to infuse.

Finally, we found out the best recipe that suit our annoying tummy. We also tried to make candied apples with this recipe. If you would like to use other stuff like orange,pear or others, you can try to use our recipe to make.

Let’s get started,here is the recipe for making the fruity candied lemon.

Lemon 1 pc

Sugar 230g

Water 250g

First of all, skin the lemon on a chopping board and blanch them with hot boiling water,the reason we blanch it first is to release the flavor in the lemon zest or the lemon skin.

3 ingredients simple candied lemon

Then, the blanched lemon skin have to soak into a ice water bath so the lemon skin will be tender and soft.

3 ingredients simple candied lemon

After all, we measure the sugar and water in a small pot and bring to simmer. We put our Lemon peels into the pot and cook it with low heat so the syrup can infuse into the lemon.

3 ingredients simple candied lemon

Furthermore, We let the whole mixture to simmer for about 45 minutes at least, the longer you cook the lemon,the crispier it’ll be.

3 ingredients simple candied lemon

Be careful!! the syrup is extremely hot, don’t use your finger to test the temperature or even taste that with you tongue, I tried that before, big regret.

After simmering to the texture you like, take the lemon out of the syrup and transfer them on a baking tray with parchment paper , let cool and enjoy the candy.

3 ingredients simple candied lemon

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