Stuffed Portobello mushrooms with mashed potatoes

Hi guys, today we’re going to share how to make Stuffed Portobello mushrooms with mashed potatoes at home.

Few days ago, We have shown how to make the easiest creamy mashed potatoes with minced chicken and onion before (If you’re interested, please click.)
Portobello mushrooms

Moreover, stuffed portobello mushrooms are easy to make, we will say it is a party food or it can be a simple homey dish. Also, you can have your own combination for the stuffing. For example, you can use button mushrooms to replace portobello, you can stuffed with herbs, grated cheese or ham, the variations are endless. We will introduce how to use our mashed potatoes for stuffing portobello. What’s you favorite filling for stuffed mushrooms? Please tell us in comments.

Here is the following recipe and instructions below:


Ingredients: (Yields: 2-3 servings)
5pcs  Portobello mushrooms
100g Mashed potatoes (stuffing, optional)
1tsp  Olive oil
20g   Grated cheese/ Parmesan cheese powder
A pinch of Salt
A pinch of Black pepper
A pinch of Parsley flakes

OK let’s start cooking!


1. First of all, prepare you own stuffing, we have used creamy mashed potatoes with minced chicken and onion. 
Mashed potatoes with minced chicken and onion

2. Moreover, remove the stems from the mushrooms and scrubbed clean it carefully by wet kitchen paper.


3. Preheat your oven to 200°C/ 395°F. Then prepare a oven tray with aluminium foil covered , smearing with oil by the brush then set aside.

4. Afterwards, we can start stuffing now.  Seasoning mushrooms with salt first. Then take the suitable amount for stuffing, DO NOT  stuffed too much because once you bake it, the mushrooms will overload like landsliding.20180415_172703.jpg

5. Therefore,  grate some cheese or sprinkle Parmesan cheese powder on top to boost the flavor, garnish by parsley flakes too.
So pretty right?

6. Finally, bake for about 15 minutes at 200°C/ 395°F or until golden brown color.
**Allow to chill and rest the mushrooms for 5 minutes before serving.** This action can keep the moisture content by the mushrooms and make it juicy.

After baking

DA DA! It’s hot and juicy inside!



We hope you guys will enjoy this post and to try to do that, see you next time. Bye!  If you’re interested in making desserts, please click How to make a tart shell .
how to make a tart shell

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