easy to make strawberry mousse cake

easy to make strawberry mousse cake

Strawberry mousse cake

easy to make strawberry mousse cake

Hey guys, we found some left-over chocolate cake and started to think, whether we could use those pieces to make some nice pastry.

We thought of making chocolate mousse cake at first but the flavor of chocolate might be too rich for me so we banned the idea, of cos, if you wish to know how to make the chocolate mousse cake, we could share that next time.

Then, what should we make then? How about some fruity one like the mango mousse cake. We opened the fridge and found some frozen strawberries, what came to our mind is a strawberry mousse cake, the fruity flavor with a chocolate cake, sound nice.

So, we started making the strawberry mousse cake at about 23:15, it’s late late night but we’re just pastry addicts, we gather all of the stuffs and start making the mousse cake.

We start at 23:15 and finished our mousse cake at about 23:50, it’s a night time dessert, the fruity flavor of the strawberry blended in with the bitter sweet taste of the chocolate cake,we couldn’t imagine we made some strawberry mousse cakes with just those simple ingredients.

If you want to know how to make that,you can see the recipe below.

Whipped cream 500g

Strawberry puree 250g

Gelatin powder 5g

Water 25g

Lime juice 3g

In order to make the strawberry mousse cake,we whip the cream to medium peak first, cream is much easier to whip than egg whites so we have to take care well,not to over beat the cream.

easy to make strawberry mousse cake

Next, we mix the gelatin powder with the the water and whisk it to blend the water and gelatin together, it’ll become a paste.

easy to make strawberry mousse cake

Then, we measure the puree in a small pot with the lime juice, the lime juice can make a great twist with the mousse, boil the puree mixture in low heat .

After that, we melt the gelatin mass into the puree mixture, the gelatin will melt instantly because of the heat in the pot, mix well and set aside. We’ll need that later.

easy to make strawberry mousse cake

Moreover, fold in the whipped cream with the strawberry puree mixture, remember to slowly fold in the cream, if we over folded that,the final mousse will become very watery and the mousse cake will be so dense to bite.

easy to make strawberry mousse cake

After all, pipe the mousse on a container, in our situation, We use a dome shape mold so we can make a dome shaped strawberry mousse cake.

easy to make strawberry mousse cake

easy to make strawberry mousse cake

Then, we just fill in our mousse and stick a sponge on top of the mousse and scrape away the excess mousse to make a pretty finish.

easy to make strawberry mousse cake

Final product

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