Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg Recipe

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg

Hey guys, we’re happy to share an old fashioned dish with you today, it’s called Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg.

This is a Hong Kong dish that you can still order from restaurants but the key component will be missing, the raw egg.

Without the egg, it’s only a normal and common steamed rice but with the addition of an egg, the flavor and the texture excel.

In fact, restaurants don’t offer eggs anymore because of food safety. As raw eggs might have some contamination like salmonella and other bacterial infections if the source is not strict enough.

Luckily, there are Japanese eggs that labelled ready to eat raw. In this recipe, we’re using the Japanese eggs to make the Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg.

So, why’re  the eggs are so important in this Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg recipe?

First of all, the flavor of the eggs, eggs has a mildly sweet and pungent smell in sulphur, that balanced with all of the components.

Moreover, the texture of the egg when it’s cooked. When you cracked an egg, it’s gooey and sticky. If you start cooking the egg, it becomes solid and brittle.

If we’re stirring the eggs on the pan  while on low temperature, the eggs will become a paste like texture.

The concept of Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg is to let the eggs cook under low temperature so the eggs become creamy and covered all over the rice.

It’s like making Carbonara. Do you know that Cabonara use eggs only to reach a creamy and soft texture? Chef mixes raw eggs into the cooked spaghetti to cook them instead of cooking the egg directly.

So if you’re still with us, let’s get started!

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg Recipe

beef: 85g
choy sum:  a few branches

garlic: 2 cloves

sugar: 1 tea spoon
light soy sauce: 2 table spoon
corn starch: 1 tea spoon
oil: 1 teaspoon

Firstly, we marinate the beef with the sugar,  light soy sauce,corn starch and oil for half an hour.

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg

Then, we have to prepare the rice by washing the rice first.

After we washed the rice for several times, add water in and cook the rice.

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg

Meanwhile, we wash the choy sum. Remember to remove the flowers on the choy sum as they’re bad for health.

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg

Then, we crack the garlic and get a few pieces out to cook the choy sum.

Add a little bit oil on the pan and throw in the garlic and start cooking the choy sum with the garlic.

After half an hour, we start frying the beef in high heat. We cook until the beef reach golden brown color.

After frying the beef, no need to wash the pan, we make a light sauce with mixture of cornstarch and water about 30 grams of water and 1 teaspoon of cornstarch.

Furthermore, we scope out a bowl of rice, we top it with the beef and choy sum and cover with our light sauce.While everything is hot, crack an egg on top.

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg

Remember to mix the egg while the dish is hot otherwise you can not have a creamy texture.

Steamed Rice With Beef And Egg is an popular dish in Hong Kong. If you’re  interested, you could come to Hong Kong to taste it.

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