Sou Vide Baby Pork Ribs recipe

Sous Vide Baby Pork Ribs recipe

Sous Vide Baby Pork Ribs recipe

pork ribs recipe

Welcome back, we’re Newcookking and we’re going to share a nice Sou Vide Baby Pork Ribs Recipe you can cook with the sous vide machine.

Let’s learn how to make it now!

Pork Ribs Recipe

Baby pork ribs 2 racks


Sea salt 3/4 tbsp

Onion powder 1 tbsp

Garlic powder 1/2 tbsp

Black pepper 1/2 tbsp

Parsley flakes 1/2 tbsp

Paprika 2 tbsp

Olive oil 1/3 cups

Garlic 6 cloves(peel and chop into small dices)

Fresh thyme: to judge


Sou Vide Baby Pork Ribs recipe

Pork Ribs Recipe

Firstly, We mix all of the seasonings in a bowl so we can soak the pork ribs and infuse the seasonings into the pork later in our Recipe.

Then, we add all of the seasonings into the vacuum bag and soak our pork ribs into the seasonings to make our Sous Vide Baby Pork Ribs.

Thirdly, we set our sous vide machine to 73.8 degree C and dump our pork ribs into the hot water bath and sous vide them for 12 hours.

After all, we take out the baby pork ribs and bake them with 180 degree C for 15 minutes. Let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing them.

Sou Vide Baby Pork Ribs recipe

And here you go, an easy to make Sous Vide Baby Pork Ribs that’s juicy and tender.

Thank you for visiting our recipe guide,wish you have a nice day.

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