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Party Foods Toffee Recipe

Toffee Recipe

Hello guys, we’re here again to share another lovely recipe with you, it’s the Party Foods!

Have you ever tasted Toffee candy before? There’re 2 major kinds of texture, chewy and hard. Which one do you prefer?

We prefer things that’s mild, not too soft or not too hard. Do you know toffee is a product made from caramel? It’s a soft caramel. Everyone can make caramel at home, it’s easy.We would like to share an experience with you, an experience that I had when i was a little kid.

Story time

One day, I received a caramel candy from my granny, I didn’t ask and just eat it straight away, it’s so soft and sticky, i almost lost my tooth because the gooey caramel sticks to my tooth. That was miserable.

I remember I had to drink a lot of water to get rid of those sticky caramel, I even started to fear of having candies after that night. I’ll never forget that caramel almost killed me that day.

Even now, I scared of these caramel toffee candies. But, we have to conquer our own fears or we’ll be eaten by the fear itself.

Conquer My Fear

We started to check and find recipe that’s not gooey as a slime or hard as a rock. We should never create a nightmare to our audience.That’s why we started finding the recipes in youtube, pinterest and even google the concept of caramel.

In fact, recipe doesn’t affect much in making products, every recipe is similar, just sugar, butter and cream. The methods and consistency is far more important in making any pastry or candy related products.

For example, if we’re making puff, the majority of people know that we have to use butter, liquid and cake flour to form a dough. It’s not about the recipe, it’s all focused on the procedure.

If we provide a Michelin star recipe to all of you but we don’t list out the procedure, you might not know how to do the recipe. That’s why we have to focus on the methods rather than the recipe.

So cut the crap. Let’s get started!

Party Foods Toffee Recipe

Cream: 80g

sugar: 250g

butter: 80g

salt: 2g

First of all, we have to align the baking paper on the tray and set aside. That really helps in our Party Foods.

Party Foods

Then, we weight out the sugar in a saucepan.

Party Foods

On the other hand, we boil the cream first. The concept of boiling the cream is to prevent crystallization of the sugar as we’re gonna pour the hot cream into the boiling sugar.

If we pour the cold cream into the hot syrup, it will cool down the sugar and crystallized. Moreover, the liquid will splash and hurt anyone around you.

Toffee Recipe

Meanwhile, we get our salt and butter ready in two separated bowls.

Toffee Recipe

When everything’s ready, let’s make our caramel. Cook the sugar in medium heat if you’re using a stove. If not, use high heat with your electric one.

It’s because that has a big different in the temperature between the electric one and the flame one.

Party Foods

We have to melt all of the sugar and add the hot cream bit by bit. No need to rush, just little by little.

If you pour in too fast, you’ll form large lumps in the mixture. We also change to our whisk after we started pouring the cream, that also prevent forming lumps.

Toffee Recipe

Toffee Recipe

After that, we put our butter into the caramel to emulsify the fats and the sugar together.

Party Foods

Last but not least, we pour the hot mixture on the baking tray to cool down for at least 4 hours.

Toffee Recipe

After 4 hours, we cut our toffee into small pieces to serve.

Toffee Recipe

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