5 Tips in making perfect macaron

Macaron Recipe


We love macaron so much, when we first knew of macaron, we thought it’s called macaroon. we went to a French pastry boutique and asked for macaroon, they didn’t understand.How embarrassing!

After a few of researches, we found out that it’s called macaron, what a dumb dumb. As a pastry lover, we should know what is macaron and what’s so special with it.

Then, we bought many books, starting to look for recipes and try to calculate our own recipe.

Macaron is a very unique pastry item that needs a lot of patient and precise, it’s the only pastry that has a very special crack we called feet, if we don’t wait for it dry long enough, the feet will disappear and it will also crack on the surface, how sad…

Women loves macaron so much, maybe it’s because of their cute look or appearance. We love macaron too but we’re just young bloggers and we have a very limited budget in buying pastries so that’s why we experimented every recipe in the cook book and calculate the best recipe.

We’r sharing this recipe because you also enjoy a nice pastry so enjoy. ^^

Today, you will learn how to make macaron with these simple steps.

Ground almond 250g

Icing sugar 250g

Egg white 90g

Sugar 250g

Water 85g

Egg white 90g

Firstly, We’re using a italian meringue so please be sure to take care of yourself as we’re going to use a hot boiled syrup to make the meringue.

Please also keep in mind that macaron is a very sensitive dessert that vary by moisture, measurement and temperature so follow every steps carefully

Almond paste

First of all, we measure our icing sugar and ground almond.

Icing sugar
Ground almond

After that, we have to blend the ground almond and icing sugar together and sift them.

Sift ground almond and icing sugar

Then, we measure our 90g egg white and pour into the almond mixture.

We make the almond paste by using a spatula to squeeze the almond mixture and let it absorb the moisture of the egg white, you will see a sandy and rough texture at first but don’t worry about it, you need to keep mixing them to reach a paste like texture.

After mixing the almond mixture, you should get a paste like texture as shown below. If you can’t see a mixture like this, you should keep mixing it, it’s stressful and painful but you’ll see.

Almond paste

After making the paste, we’re gonna make the italian meringue, a very stable meringue.


Firstly, we pour our 90g egg white in a mixing bowl and whip it with medium speed.


Meanwhile, we measure our water and sugar together in a small pot, then we boil that to a temperature of 116 degree C in order to make a hot syrup that is suitable for making an Italian meringue.

Hot syrup

The meringue should be smooth and fluffy after you boiled the syrup.

Then, we pour our syrup slowly into the mixing bowl and we turn the mixer’s speed to slow speed to avoid sugar crisp as whipping the meringue in high speed will cool down the sugar syrup.

When the the syrup is cooled down and stretched, the syrup will become a cotton like texture that ruin our smooth and fluffy meringue.



As we’re making pink macarons, we add a liitle bit of food colouring in our meringue. Fold in the meringue with our almond paste as shown below.

Keep folding it and become a nice batter( lava like texture), after that, we pipe them with a piping bag , you can make any shape but we’re making a traditional round shaped macaron.

Here’s the deal, the important part to make a 0 failure macaron is to dry them with enough time, never rush when yo’re making macaron.

The dying process is very important because the feet of a macaron occur by the drying process as the crust become dried. When we’re baking the macaron, the thin crust hold its position but the bottom will rise.

As a result, the bottom part rise will lead a small cracks between the thin cruse and the bottom batter and make a small feet.

After you dried and make a thin crust on the macaron batter, you can pre-heat the oven to 150 degree C and bake for 8 minutes and 8 minutes to make these little treats.


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