Leftovers French Toast

Left Over French Toast

Today, we are gonna share a French recipe with all of you and it is a dish called french toast.

Do you know that french toast is a very famous dessert in Hong Kong? Everyone loves this dessert because it is a pretty sweet and tasty snack.

This recipe is very easy, we believe everyone can make this dessert at home.

If you had noticed, we made a blueberry loaf before. In fact, we made different kinds of bread and we always have some leftovers.

Of course, we do not want to waste our leftovers, that is the reason we share this recipe with you. Leftovers turn into a lovely dessert.

All you need for this recipe are some slices of bread, butter and condiments you like to coat on the bread.

If you woulk like to know how to make this easy and lovely dessert, just follow us.


  • Ingredients:
    Homemade milky rye bread: 2slices
    Egg: 1pc
    Milk: 50ml
    Cane sugar: 10g
    Sea salt: a pinch of
    Cinnamon powder: a pinch of

    Butter: 10g
    Honey: 10g


Left Over French Toast

Firstly, we crack an egg on a plate and start whipping it until it is scrambled.

Left Over French ToastLeft Over French Toast
Then, we mix all of the condiments into the egg wash and set aside.

Furthermore, we soak our breads in the egg wash mixture and start cooking them.

Left Over French Toast
After cooking the bread, we transfer them to our lovely plate.

Lastly, we put a slice of butter on top and drizzle the toast with some honey and there you have it, a tasty french toast.

Left Over French Toast

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