Easy& juicy roasted chicken with honey and black pepper

Hi guys, today we’re going to share how to make a simple roasted chicken at home. Here is the following recipe:


Whole chicken/ chicken thighs/ chicken wings


25g Salt

50g Black pepper

25g Olive oil

10g Oregano

50g Honey/ golden syrup

80g Cake flour (coating for chicken)

First of all, We have bought two whole chickens so we need to trim it to our ideal size and clean out all the excess. (You can also use boneless chicken thighs or chicken wings just what ever you want.)

After that, seasoning with salt, black pepper, Oregano and olive oil. Marinated at fridge for overnight.

Then, sprinkle some cake flour to a clean plate, add in a pinch of salt, then dip in flour coating as both sides. *(Do not throw away the excess marinade sauce by the chicken)*

Afterwards, pan-fry them lightly until golden brown and crispy but do not overcook.

Next, preheat your oven to 180°C/ 355°F, just put the whole tray in the oven and bake about 20 minutes as first round.

After 20 minutes, use the remaining marinade sauce (salt, black pepper, olive oil and Oregano) and add in honey then mixed well. Smear the glaze on chicken’s crust gently. *Repeat this step for two times. Return in the oven and bake it about 10 minutes. (Total: 20 minutes)

Finally, you can enjoy the juicy roasted chicken seriously. It’s a w e s o m e !😍

A crispy crust but juicy and tender inside. You can taste the balanced of salty, spicy and sweetness in your mouth. The aroma was unbelievable.😍

We hope you guys will enjoy this recipe and try to do that, see you next time. Bye!

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By New Cook King

Hello大家好,今天想來分享一個在家也能輕鬆做到的簡易食譜- 蜂蜜黑椒烤雞。美味程度可以媲美外出吃到的呢~ 食譜如下:


雞隻/ 去骨雞扒/ 雞翼


25g 鹽

50g 黑椒

25g 橄欖油

10g 奧勒岡 (牛至)

50g 蜂蜜/ 糖漿

80g 低筋麵粉 (沾雞件用)

首先,將雞切件洗淨,去除多餘肥油及拔掉內藏。 之後可作調味,將調味部份順序加進雞件內,用手輕輕按勻,確保每件雞兩面均沾好醃料。完成後放進雪櫃醃一晚使其入味。

過了一天後取出雞件,低筋麵粉加入適量鹽拌勻,將雞件平均地兩面皆沾上麵粉。然後用中火將兩面煎香至呈金黃色,備用。 *注意:不需要煎至熟及避免令其變焦黑*

然後,以攝氏180°C/ 華氏350°C 預熱焗爐,煎至金黃的雞件放進焗爐先焗20分鐘。20分鍾後取出。

醃雞時剩餘的醃料與蜂蜜混合,分兩次塗上雞的表面,*記住要重複這步驟兩次喔~* 每次塗完後,再放入焗爐焗10分鐘,總共是20分鐘。

最後,取出雞件後確認熟透便可以開動囉😍 美味又多肉汁的烤雞,材料簡單易做。

外皮脆而不油膩,味道帶蜂蜜香,黑椒的微辣刺激感,咸味三點完美地平衡,效果相得益彰。大家也來試試做吧~ 謝謝你的收看,Bye!

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By New Cook King


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