How To Make Marshmallows Easy Guide

How To Make Marshmallows

How To Make Marshmallows
Easy and tasty homemade marshmallow


Sugar 250g

Corn syrup 125g

Water 125g

Gelatin powder 37g


Water 100g

Corn syrup 175g


Vanilla seed 1pcs

Firstly, we put the the ingredients in A together in a mixing bowl, they are the sugar, corn syrup,water and gelatin powder.

How To Make Marshmallows
Sugar, corn syrup,water and gelatin powder

Then, we gather the ingredients B in a small pot, the water and the corn syrup, we are making a hot syrup, for the hot syrup method, you can see our recipe in making macarons Here .

Hot syrup

After we made the hot syrup, We pour that into our gelatin mixture and whip it in high speed, the reason why we’re using high speed to whip is to cool down the gelatin mixture.

gelatin mixture

Moreover, you’ll see a brown liquid mixture as the gelatin is melted by the hot syrup, when you keep whipping the mixture, it’ll become white in color.


Then, we add in the vanilla seed in the marshmallow mixture and keep mixing it until the mixture become warm.

Lastly, We brush the butter in our container and coat a thin layer of cornstarch in the mold to help lubricating the mixture.

It’ll be easier to get the bad boy out of our mould.

How To Make Marshmallows
Marshmallow container



How To Make Marshmallows
How To Make Marshmallows

That’s How To Make Marshmallows with our little guide Thank you

It’s so fluffy that We can eat all day, next time we will share another recipe with you. Stay tune!


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