Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe

Hello guys, it’s been a long time. We have so much to do and finally we have some spare time to update our tasty food blog.

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe

In fact, we’ve been working with new recipes, we made some progress and wish to share with all of you. Here comes our Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe.


Chicken Breast: 1 inch thick

Fresh thyme: pinch

Black pepper: pinch

Sea salt: pinch

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe

First of all, warm up the sous vide machine to 65 degree C with a bowl of water.

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe

Meanwhile, we dry out our chicken breast and season them with our condiments. After all, we place them into a vacuum bag and make sure there is no air inside.

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe
Then, we place them into the hot water bath to cook for 1 hour.

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe

After all, we take out the Healthy Chicken Breast out from the hot water bath. There is two option to serve the Healthy Chicken Breast. You can pan seared them or have a bite of them right away.

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe
As you can see, we serve them right away cos we could wait to have a bite of them.

Have a nice day and enjoy our Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe.

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