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Good Eats Pate De Fruits With Gelatin

Good Eats Pate De Fruits

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Welcome back, we’re Newcookking if you’re new to this blog. We are introducing a new good eats recipe.

We’ll share different cooking and culinary experiences with you when we’re free. Sharing the happiness in cooking with everyone.

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Today, we’re gonna share a Good Eats recipe you can have at home with only 3 ingredients.

Pate de fruits is a jelly traditionally made with pectin and puree. Normally, the pectin is boiled with the puree and sugar to about 107 degree c to activate.

In this recipe, we’re using gelatin instead of pectin. It’s quite easy to make.

In fact, we were trying to make gummy but we made this jelly candy accidentally but we kind of like it and want to share with you.

Let’s see some of the failed one here. The amount of gelatin is not enough and failed to form in solid.

Good Eats

Good Eats Pate De Fruits Recipe

Good Eats

raspberry puree: 200g

sugar: 25g

lemon juice: 6g

gelatin: 100g

First of all, we have to align the baking paper on the tray. You should always ready all of the stuff before making a move in cooking.

Then, we measure the puree and sugar in the sauce pan. If we’re using pectin, the pectin should combine with the sugar or they’ll form lumps.

Good Eats

Furthermore, we measure the gelatin by soaking them into cold water bath. The cold water bath activate the gelatin and prevent it from melting.

Good Eats

Moreover, we turn on the stove to medium heat to melt the sugar and puree.

Good Eats

After the puree and sugar are melted, we add in the lemon juice to intensify the flavor.

Good Eats

Lastly, we melt the gelatin in the puree mixture and mix well. Pour the hot mixture in the tray and cool in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

There you go, a gelatin version of Pate de fruits with our good eats recipe.

Good Eats

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