Fruity Raspberry Ganache Recipe

Fruity Raspberry Ganache Recipe

Fruity Raspberry Ganache Recipe


Today, we’re gonna introduce a Fruity Raspberry Ganache with you.

First of all, you’ll figure out that we’re using fresh raspberries to make our Ganache.

Moreover, Remember to get the best raspberry you can get in the market.

What is Ganache?

Most of the Ganache are made by the components of liquid, chocolate and fats.

When we add liquid into the melted chocolate, we thicken the chocolate. Most of the chefs use fats to enhance the flavor and smoothen the texture.

Let’s get started!

Fruity Raspberry Ganache Recipe

Raspberry puree 950g

Cream 450g

Sugar 1000g

Dark chocolate 1500g

Fruity Raspberry Ganache Recipe

Firstly, we melt the dark chocolate and set aside.

Fruity Raspberry Ganache Recipe

Then, we melt the raspberry, cream and sugar together in a medium-sized pot.

In fact, we’re not boiling the mixture because we don’t want to overheat the melted chocolate.

Fruity Raspberry Ganache Recipe

After warming the mixture, we pour the whole pot of raspberry cream into the chocolate.

Caution! We let the mixture sit for a couple seconds so the whole chocolate will be homogeneous before we stir that.

Fruity Raspberry Ganache Recipe

There you have it, a fruity raspberry Ganache that we use for making a layered cake.

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