French Toast Recipe

French Toast Recipe

French Toast Recipe

Hello guys, it’s time to share our happiness with you again. A dessert for all of you today the French Toast Recipe.

  This is a recipe that use our other recipe called homemade bread. we use our homemade bread to make a Hong Kong style toast.

This is not a classic French Toast. It’s a very unique Hong Kong snack that has peanut butter inside. 

We have a lot of different street foods in Hong Kong too. For example, egg puff and waffle.

But we’re gonna focus on a very famous snack in Hong Kong that’s creamy and buttery inside and crispy outside just like the basic French Toast but with a twist.

Do you know French toast was an expensive items in early 50s? the toast was made using bread covered with butter and pan seared them.

As butter and other dairy products were pretty rare and expensive in early 50s Hong Kong. Cooks use kaya filling to make a twist on the toast then it becomes peanut butter filling inside the toast now.

In present, a lot of people trys to improve this lovely toast into something really different.  They add chocolate syrup as toppings and scoops of ice cream to enhance the snack experience.

As a result,  some restaurants also invented the durian toast that has durian filling inside the toast, that’s quite weird.

For us, we like the classics, that’s the reason we share this lovely recipe with you.

French Toast Recipe Ingredients 

Homemade bread 

whole eggs: 100g


milk: 20g

cream: 20g

First of all, we slice the bread into half and start making our egg wash.

French Toast Recipe

Then we put some peanut butter on the bread.

French Toast Recipe

For the egg wash, we put whole eggs, milk, cream, sugar, salt together and mix well.

After that, we soak our bread into the egg wash and prepare heat our stove to medium high heat.

French Toast Recipe

Moreover,  we slide the bread in the pan and start pan searing the french toast.

French Toast Recipe

When we see smoke starts appearing, we flip the toast over and cooking it until it starts to smoke again.

After all, we plate it and start enjoying our lovely French  Toast right away!


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