Fluffy chiffon with only 4 ingredients

Today, we’re gonna share with you how to bake a fluffy chiffon with only three simple ingredients.

First of all, we’re not going to share the recipe with you but the tips on making a fluffy chiffon cake.

Secondly, we should know the basic ingredients in making a chiffon cake and they are eggs, sugar and cake flour and oil. Every steps is important.


In order to have a tasty and fluffy chiffon cake, we must separate our eggs to egg whites and yolks as we want to have a super fluffy chiffon. The egg whites and egg yolks must be beaten into a perfect volume separately so we can have a lot of air in our cake batter.

Remember, the egg yolks should mix with the cake flour to become a paste like texture and the cake flour must be sifted before mixing with our egg yolks or you’re gonna have a very coarse and sandy cake batter.

For the egg whites, we’re going to whip it with a mixer with medium speed, never whip the egg whites with high speed, as the air bubbles will become rough and airy and that will affect our meringue’s final’s quality.

Never ever add sugar to your egg whites before whip it up, here is the reason why we never add sugar before we whip up the egg whites. If we add sugar into the egg whites, the egg whites absorb the sugar and form a coating on the surface. If we beat the egg whites with a coating, the egg whites will be harder to whip to a french meringue, the sugar can not dissolve into the egg whites to become stiff.

Here is a meringue that is good for a fluffy chiffon cake.

good volume meringue makes fluffy chiffon cake

After you whip the meringue, it’s the process to fold into the egg yolk paste.

In our opinion, we fold in the meringue with the egg yolk mixture as the meringue is light in weight but egg yolk paste is dense and heavy, if we fold the paste into the yolk, it is possible but you might ruin your cake batter as the paste will sink into the meringue and become difficult to mix well, you might break the meringue when you’re using more force to fold in the mixture.

After that, mix 1/4 of the cake batter with the oil, the reason why we only mix 1/4 of the cake batter with the oil is because of the density, as the oil is denser than our cake batter. If we mix the oil with the cake batter directly, the oil sinks in the bottom of our cake batter so we mix the oil with 1/4 of the batter so the mixture become homologous so it won’t sink.

Lastly, we pour into our cake mould.

we’re making pandan chiffon XD

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