tomahawk steak recipe

Tomahawk Steak

Today, we’re gonna introduce a lovely tomahawk steak recipe with all of you, it’s a juicy steak.

In fact, we tried a lot of different kinds of recipes and we combine them all together and made this tomahawk steak recipe, it’s easy to make and full of fun while preparing this recipe.

Have you ever tried the tomahawk steak from Outback before? It’s quite famous in Hong Kong and we’re inspired by that. We always want to make something that’s already in the market because we want to have a nice meal.

Although we love to create something new, we have to learn from chefs first, then we can create our own recipe. We have to keep learning, that’s how you live as a person.

If you would like to learn how to make this steak, here’s the recipe.


  • Tomahawk Steak: about 1kg net weight
  • sea salt: a pinch of
  • black pepper: a pinch of
  • extra virgin olive oil: to judge


tomahawk steak recipe

Firstly, we set the sous vide machine to 58 degree c and the timer to 6 hrs. If you would like to have a much juicier steak, you should set to 2.5 hours.

tomahawk steak recipe

Then, we take out our meat and put in the fridge to thaw for at least 1 day before we make the steak.

tomahawk steak recipe

After the thawing , we use the kitchen papers to dry out the lovely steak.

tomahawk steak recipe

Then, we season the tomahawk steak.

tomahawk steak recipe

After all, we place the tomahawk steak into vacuum bag filled with extra virgin olive oil and placed it into a water bath of 58 degree C.

tomahawk steak recipe
tomahawk steak recipe

Lastly, we pan seared the steak and present a golden brown steak. Feel free to comment below.

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