Easy Bake Blueberry Loaf

Easy Bake Blueberry Loaf

Today, we’re gonna share an easy loaf recipe with you, it’s so easy to make and mouth-washing. We tried a lot of different recipes to make this easy bake blueberry loaf.

One day, my girlfriend’s brother bought some fresh blueberries home and my girlfriend had an super great idea, why don’t we make a blueberry loaf with the bread maker. What a brilliant idea.

We gathered all of the stuffs we needed for the recipe and started making the loaf.

Our easy bake blueberry loaf is very healthy and easy to make, we use olive oil rather than butter because most of us concern about our health, we don’t want to have a bad life style.

Although we did not use butter in this recipe, the loaf is very tender and chewy, it just taste like a regular bread but it’s much healthier. If you’re on diet, you should try this recipe.

If you’re starving, you just have to make a loaf of bread with some basic ingredients at home.

In this modern world, making bread is pretty easy, you just need to dump all of the ingredients in the machine and let it do the work.


Fresh blueberries: 100g

Fresh milk: 50ml

Sea salt: 2g

Cake flour: 60g

Bread flour: 175g

Extra virgin olive oil: 20g

Yeast: 3g

Easy Bake Blueberry Loaf

Firstly, we blend our fresh blueberries into a puree and set aside.

Easy Bake Blueberry Loaf

Then, we weight all of the ingredients into the bread maker and start the machine. The machine will form the flour mixture into a bread dough. Remember to use slow speed to mix the dough.

Easy Bake Blueberry Loaf

After forming a dough, we have to let it proof in the machine for half an hour until it doubles in size.

Easy Bake Blueberry Loaf

As you can see, the dough is double in size and ready to bake.

Easy Bake Blueberry Loaf

Here you go, an Easy Bake Blueberry Loaf!

Remember to rest for at least 15 minutes before slicing the loaf.

Easy Bake Blueberry Loaf

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