Chocolate tempering tips

First of all, we’re going to share the mysterious of chocolate, chocolate is a very sensitive substance that varied by temperature.

Temperature is the key to success in making shiny chocolate by using a method called tempering, the word tempering is not how you have your emote reaction but controlling the temperature to the exact level that we want.

Moreover, tempering has a lot of different kinds of method, seeding, tableting and etc…

We’re gonna share how we temper chocolate with seeding method, one of the easiest method to temper chocolate and we’re gonna use dark chocolate as an example.

We melt the chocolate to about 45 to 49c and cool down the chocolate to 27 to 28c, after that, we raise the chocolate to 32.1c to reach our perfect modeling or moulding state.

In order to do that, we melt the chocolate in a microwavable bowl and microwave the chocolate for 10 seconds intervals so we won’t burn the chocolate as chocolate is sensitive, when we say that’s sensitive, it’s really sensitive. No moisture should be appeared in the chocolate container or you’ll ruin your tempering and get yourself a pile of chocolate paste but not a smooth and shiny liquid form of chocolate.

Then, we cool down the chocolate to 27-28c by adding our solid chocolate, as you can see, the temperature dropped to 33.1c in the picture shown below. When we add solid chocolate into our melted chocolate, we’re adding new molecules to our melted chocolate so it can be strengthened into a perfect solid stage.

After all, we raise the temperature back to 32.1c so we can start using our chocolate to make any products we want, for example, bons bons, truffles.


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