Meringue Recipe Easy and Tasty

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe

Marshmallow Recipe


It’s  midnight in Hong Kong, We were finding what Ingredients we could use to make some fabulous snacks recipe, a Meringue Recipe.

We found some eggs, left over sugar and some gelatin sheets. That came to our mind to make a Meringue Recipe.

In the past, we introduced a marshmallow that has no egg white.  At present, we’re gonna share an egg white marshmallow with you.

In the previous recipe, it’s an fool proof one but we’re gonna share an advanced one with you today.

In today’s recipe, we’re gonna make an Italian meringue, an cooked meringue. It’s extremely easy to burn your egg white so you have to be careful.

Syrup is also dangerous, we’re gonna make an extremely high temperature sugar syrup and mix with the egg white.

Have you ever bought marshmallow in supermarket before? Our recipe makes the same marshmallow you could buy in market or even a better one.

In our opinion, we like toasting the marshmallow to get a crispy crust and soft core texture. It’s creamy and tasty.

If you don’t like that kind of texture, you could always wait for a day and have it your way.

If you’re still interested in making our Marshmallow, let’s get started!

Meringue Recipe

  • egg white: 38g
  • sugar: 6g
  • water: 33g
  • sugar: 30g
  • brown sugar: 30g
  • lemon juice: 8g
  • corn syrup: 20g
  • gelatin: 7g

First of all, we have to prepare our tray first, stick the baking paper and brush it with cooking oil.

Marshmallow Recipe

Secondly, we prepare our first part of the sugar in a bowl and set aside.Marshmallow Recipe

On the other hand, we separate the egg white in the mixing bowl.

Thirdly, we put the second part of sugar, water, brown sugar,corn syrup and lemon in the saucepan.

For the gelatin, we have to soak them in cold water bath to bloom them.


After the preparation, we start boiling the syrup by heating the sugar mixture to 116 degree C.

Marshmallow Recipe

Meanwhile, we start whipping the egg white to a foamy texture and add in the first part of the sugar.

Continue whipping until it’s  creamy.

In the same time, we have to check for the temperature of the syrup. We pour the syrup slowy into the egg white when the syrup reached 116 degree C. Remember to keep whipping the egg white in a circular motion while pouring in the syrup.

After pouring the syrup, we add the gelatin into the egg white and whip until stiff and creamy.

Marshmallow Recipe

Marshmallow Recipe

Lastly, We spread the finished marshmallow on the tray and cover with another baking paper and sit for a day.

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy our blog.

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Caramel Brittle

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Easy Homemade Caramel Brittle

Caramel Brittle

Easy Homemade Caramel Brittle

Caramel Brittle

Welcome to our blog, we’re gonna show you a snack and toppings you can make at home. It’s called Caramel Brittle.

Have you ever tried the caramel honey comb before? it’s made by cooking sugar and baking powder together to make a honey comb structure. it’s light and crunchy.

Actually, out Caramel Brittle is also a caramel honey comb but we made a little twist to it. As baking soda is a chemical product, we don’t want to consume too much and that’s the reason why we made out brittle.

For our Brittle, we use less baking soda than the original caramel honey comb. This kind of adjustment will increase the density and result a less crunchy texture.

As you can see, ours brittle is thin and dense but it still has the honey comb texture and crunchiness. We will keep experimenting recipes in the future to get the best healthy and tasty Honey comb recipe.

For now, let’s try our Caramel Brittle to see you like it or not!

Caramel Brittle Recipe

sugar: 50 g

honey: 15 g

baking soda: 3 g

First of all, we’re making caramel, every action should be fast so we have to prepare everything first, the tray and the pot. Remember to cover the tray with baking paper.

Caramel Brittle

Then, we have to put the sugar and honey in the pot and start with medium heat to make a caramel.

After it starts to boil and reach caramel color, we dump the baking soda into the pot and keep cooking with low heat until you can not smell the baking soda pungent smell.

Lastly, we transfer them to the tray and let it cools.

There you have a Caramel Brittle, a health version of caramel honey comb. You can also use this as ice cream toppings.

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Recipe Duck Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Recipe Duck Foie Gras

Foie Gras


Today, we’re going to share with you how to cook Duck Foie Gras with basic ingredients you can have at home.

There maybe a lot of people that teach online with recipe, it seems easy but there are a lot of techniques  we have to spare in mind. Foie gras are juicy and creamy inside but crispy on the crust outside.

As we can see in some fine dining restaurant, there is a sauce on the plate that is sweet and sour, that’s a sauce called sweet vinegar, that vinegar enhances the flavor itself.

When we have a dish that is quite heavy and oily, a sweet and sour sauce helps to balance the whole structure. For example, if we eat western pork chop, we’ll have an apple sauce.

The idea is the same as the  sweet and sour sauce. It balances the ingredients. We don’t have to season much with the meat because that will ruin the flavor of the basic and original flavor of the meat.

So, on top of sharing with you on how to pan sear the foie gras, we’re also sharing the sauce that taste great with the bad boy, the balsamic vinegar sauce. It’s easy to make and taste delicious.

First of all, here’s are the ingredients for the balsamic vinegar sauce.


Balsamic vinegar: 100 g

sugar: 40 g

   Here’s the recipe for you.

Firstly, we pour the balsamic vinegar and the sugar in the sauce pan and start cooking them with medium heat on the stove.

Let the whole mixture to reduce for awhile until the flavor of the vinegar is less pungent. Cool down and the texture will become sticky and shiny.

Foie Gras

For the foie gras, here’re the guide on how to cook it nicely.


Himalaya Salt: pinch of

Pepper: pinch of

Foie Gras

First of all,  it should not be too soft when you pan sear it because you might end up crushing the creamy texture if you soften it when you cook them.

For the temperature, it should be in medium high heat or else the it will be greasy.

After it starts to release oil, flip them over to pan sear the other side until golden brown in color.

After pan searing them, we have to dry the oil on the surface of the finished dish with paper towel so they won’t be too oily.


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