Stuffed Portobello mushrooms with mashed potatoes

Hi guys, today we’re going to share how to make Stuffed Portobello mushrooms with mashed potatoes at home.

Few days ago, We have shown how to make the easiest creamy mashed potatoes with minced chicken and onion before (If you’re interested, please click.)
Portobello mushrooms

Moreover, stuffed portobello mushrooms are easy to make, we will say it is a party food or it can be a simple homey dish. Also, you can have your own combination for the stuffing. For example, you can use button mushrooms to replace portobello, you can stuffed with herbs, grated cheese or ham, the variations are endless. We will introduce how to use our mashed potatoes for stuffing portobello. What’s you favorite filling for stuffed mushrooms? Please tell us in comments.

Here is the following recipe and instructions below:


Ingredients: (Yields: 2-3 servings)
5pcs  Portobello mushrooms
100g Mashed potatoes (stuffing, optional)
1tsp  Olive oil
20g   Grated cheese/ Parmesan cheese powder
A pinch of Salt
A pinch of Black pepper
A pinch of Parsley flakes

OK let’s start cooking!


1. First of all, prepare you own stuffing, we have used creamy mashed potatoes with minced chicken and onion. 
Mashed potatoes with minced chicken and onion

2. Moreover, remove the stems from the mushrooms and scrubbed clean it carefully by wet kitchen paper.


3. Preheat your oven to 200°C/ 395°F. Then prepare a oven tray with aluminium foil covered , smearing with oil by the brush then set aside.

4. Afterwards, we can start stuffing now.  Seasoning mushrooms with salt first. Then take the suitable amount for stuffing, DO NOT  stuffed too much because once you bake it, the mushrooms will overload like landsliding.20180415_172703.jpg

5. Therefore,  grate some cheese or sprinkle Parmesan cheese powder on top to boost the flavor, garnish by parsley flakes too.
So pretty right?

6. Finally, bake for about 15 minutes at 200°C/ 395°F or until golden brown color.
**Allow to chill and rest the mushrooms for 5 minutes before serving.** This action can keep the moisture content by the mushrooms and make it juicy.

After baking

DA DA! It’s hot and juicy inside!



We hope you guys will enjoy this post and to try to do that, see you next time. Bye!  If you’re interested in making desserts, please click How to make a tart shell .
how to make a tart shell

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How to make a tart shell

how to make a tart shell

Tart shell

how to make a tart shell


Have you ever tried a crunchy tart before, a tart that’s full of custard and berries? How tasty that is!

   I have to say that making tart shell is easy but making a tasty and crunchy tart might be difficult, that’s why we’re trying different recipes and ingredients to make a tart’s lovers’ tart.

Do you know that the ingredients in making tart shell is very simple, just flour, sugar,salt,baking powder,butter and milk?

The ingredients might be simple, learning the technique took a period of time to learn, I’m not making the perfect shell yet and i’m still practicing since i was a young boy.

I remembered that when i was young, i ate an egg tart. That egg tart was brilliant coz the tart shell is a cookie dough and I love cookies very much.

Starting at that day, I started to learn pastries from the internet  and cook books. Most of them are useless coz the details are not clear, I was like watching comics without pictures.

That’s one of the the reasons why I went to a culinary school, to learn pastries. I was amazed by the equipment in the kitchen and of cos the chefs are professional.

In the culinary school, I learnt how to make the tart case, not the cookie dough version but a Pâte Brisé, it’s something tasted like danish .

After I graduated from the culinary school, I went to work at the hotel and learnt a better version of Pâte Brisée and that’s the rich tart shell, the flavor of the tart is amazing although that’s just a tart.

  Like I said, tart shells use simple ingredients but the technique is complicated.

Starting from the basic, this kinds of dough need to use cake flour that’s cold because we want to make the dough less elastic.

If you’re still with me, let’s see the ingredients and start working.

cake flour 210g

sugar 6g

salt 2g

baking powder 2g

butter 84g

milk 120g


In order to make the dough, we store the cake flour in the freezer so the cake flour will lose the gluten while we’re kneading it.

how to make a tart shell


  Measure the salt, cake flour and baking powder in the mixing bowl and mix them in the mixing bowl with a paddle.

how to make a tart shell

  After we’re mixing the cake flour mixture, we’re doing this in an old fashion way, we add the butter and mix until we reach a sandy texture.

how to make a tart shell

Then, we pour in the milk into the mixture and continue mixing it until it forms a dough.

how to make a tart shell









After making a lovely dough, we transfer the dough on the baking paper and freeze it for at least 1 hour to rest it.

Then we take the dough out of the freezer and roll out to about 2mm thick

how to make a tart shell

Cover the circle mold and start kneading on the side and the edges to fix the dough in place, trim the excess dough.

Be gentle with the dough.

how to make a tart shell


We’re baking these with rice on top so the rice is dense enough to prevent the puffing of the tart shell.

how to make a tart shell

the result

how to make a tart shell

  We also try to bake them with a lazy way, we poke the dough with a fork and the result is not good

how to make a tart shell

I prefer baking blind , the result is much better.

Thank you for watching. If you’re interested in making mashed potatoes, please click here

Caramel sponge

Caramel sponge

Caramel sponge

Caramel sponge


Have you ever tried a special sponge cake? For example, lime sponge, orange sponge, olive oil sponge and basil sponge. These sponges are something that has a unique taste.

When we heard of sponge, we will think of a traditional sponge cake thatW use the ingredients of eggs, sugar, cake flour and fats. In this post, we will introduce and explain how to make a fluffy sponge cake that tastes nice and has a airy texture.

We remember that the first sponge cake we made very very dense and it was hard as rock and dry as tissue paper. We learnt from website, youtube or even from recipes in the library. Unfortunately, none of these solve the problem.

After a lot of researches, we met with chefs that bake sponge cake everyday and asked for the solution, he just said a few words,”the ingredients in making a sponge cake is simple but the method you use affect the result”. This sounds really interesting and we asked him how, chef said that it’s really important to make a fluffy base and a gentle fold of ingredients at the end.

After that interview, we went back to the the kitchen and tried to make our sponge cake. It’s a unique sponge cake that made with caramel, a sponge that’s bittersweet.

In this recipe, we’ll be using an ingredient called caramel powder, you can see how to make the caramel powder hereIf you had already made the caramel powder, you can continue reading the caramel sponge cake recipe.

Easy to make caramel powder


caramel powder 80g

whole eggs 150g

vanilla pod 1 pcs

cake flour 67g

salt 3g

butter 12g

Firstly, sift the cake flour and salt, pr-heat the oven to 170 degree C.

Caramel sponge

Then, measure whole eggs, vanilla seed and caramel powder in a mixing bowl, whip them in medium speed until the color become pale.

Caramel sponge


After all, gently fold in the cake flour into the whole eggs mixture.

Caramel sponge

Moreover, melt the butter and pour a little bit of the cake batter into the butter so the whole mixture become homogeneous. Pour the cake batter with butter into the main cake batter in the mixing bowl.

Caramel sponge

Lastly, transfer the cake batter to the ring mold and use a spatula to scrape away the excess cake batter. Smooth out the cake batter. Dust a small amounts of caramel on top of the cake batter before baking to make a crispy caramelized surface.

Caramel sponge

Bake the cake for 9 minutes to prevent drying out the cake, you should have a very moist caramel sponge.

Caramel sponge