carbonara recipe

Special carbonara recipe

Special carbonara Recipe

Hello guys, we’re Newcookking  and introducing a new carbonara recipe recipe for your lunch, it’s called scallops cheesy pasta.

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Today, we’re gonna make a special pasta that use a lot of cheese and eggs. It’s creamy and cheesy. If you’re a cheese lover, you shouldn’t miss it.

As you may know, pasta is from Italy and everyone likes al dente pasta in Italy. In fact, some people might think that the pasta is too hard and hurts their stomach.

If you want to have a softer version of your pasta, you have to add a few more minutes in our carbonara recipe while cooking the pasta.

We made this pasta because we don’t have any ingredients and we’re hungry. We get anything we had at home and cook this special pasta of the day.

carbonara recipe


Egg yolks: 3 pcs

Egg white: 3 pcs

Scallop: 2 pcs

Cheddar cheese: 2 slices

Firstly, we boil the water and cook the pasta. We cook the pasta for about 6 minutes because we want to have al dente pasta.

Secondly, we season the egg yolks with salt and pepper.

carbonara recipe

Thirdly, we whip the egg white to stiff peak. After that, cook the egg white on low heat for 3 minutes.

carbonara recipe

carbonara recipe

Then, cover with a lid and bake for 3 minutes and set aside.

Meanwhile, check the pasta and drain them into the yolks and mix well.

carbonara recipe

After all, drizzle oil in the sauce pan and use medium heat to cook the scallops until golden brown.

Meanwhile, we return the pasta to the sauce pan, cook until creamy and mix with cheese.

Lastly, plate the pasta and top it with our souffle egg white and scallops.

carbonara recipe

Thank you for visiting, hope you enjoy our recipe. If you would like to know how to make chees puff, click herehere

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