mousse cakes

Cake Bakery Mirror Glaze

Cake Bakery Mirror Glaze

Cake Bakery

Thank you for visiting our blog, we’re newcookking. We would like to share the Cake Bakery mirror glaze to spread the happiness around.

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We’re gonna share a professional Cake Bakerymirror glaze with you today, we’re using a lot of chocolate this time.

Please be sure to buy at least 500g milk chocolate,  some glucose and condensed milk in order to make a shiny and glossy Cake Bakery mirror glaze.

If you don’t have the condensed milk, your glaze will not be super shiny. As a result, the mousse cakes mirror glaze is pretty sweet . we recommend you to have some sweet and sour mousse cakes to glaze with.

In fact, this mirror glaze is difficult to make because it involves the perfection in temperature controling while boiling the sugar mixture, we’ll discuss about it later.

In order to make that perfect, we have to make sure all of the containers are dry and clean because the moisture affects the shinnyness of the glaze.

Moreover, we have to make sure everything is well organized, we have to prepare a cold water bath for cooling. Hand blender ready for action and a strainer to strain away the lumps.

For the chocolate, we’re using Bahibe milk chocolate. If you don’t have that, you could substitute with milk chocolate in your local.

If you’re ready, let’s hop into the recipe and make our mousse cakes mirror glaze!

Cake Bakery Mirror Glaze Recipe

water: 120g

sugar: 220g

Glucose: 220g

Milk chocolate: 220g

Gelatin: 17g

Neutral Glaze: 85g

Condensed Milk: 155g

Firstly, we place the water, glucose and sugar in a pot.

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Then, we measure the chocolate and soaked gelatin in a mixing bowl and set aside.

Cake Bakery

Next, we boil the sugar mixture and let it boil until it reaches 103-105 degree C. Keep in mind that we can not exceed 105 degree as it will become a hot sugar syrup.

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After that, we pour into the chocolate mixture, blend in the condensed milk and neutral glaze.

After blending the mixture with a hand blender, strain and cool the glaze to 35 degree C and glaze the mousse cake.

Cake Bakery

There you have it, a very shiny mousse cakes mirror glaze.

mousse cakes

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Thank you for visiting, hope you enjoy our recipe.

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