Buttery shortbread cookies recipe


Hello guys. Today, we’re gonna share with you on how to make buttery shortbread cookies.

We love buttery aroma and crispy stuff so we love cookies and tart so much. Do you remember the Cookie Dough Tart Crust Recipe we learnt before? That is a brilliant crispy tart crust with only three ingredients.

You might think that making buttery shortbread cookies is quite simple but we tried this recipe for many times. We hope we can share the best shortbread cookies recipe in here, you’ll end up with a crispy, rich and stunning buttery shortbread cookies.

Actually, there are many recipe for making shortbread cookies.  For example, some recipe may add in more liquids such as eggs, milk or cream. The ingredients of combination is totally different.

We want to simplify the recipe so we make it simple and easy to make. We just need a few ingredients and equipment for baking this buttery shortbread cookies at home.

 If you’re still with us, here are the recipe and instructions.


Buttery shortbread cookies recipe


Unsalted butter    120g (Cut into small chunks, room temperature)

Icing sugar            55g (optional)

Sea salt                  2g

Cake flour            60g (Sifted)

Bread flour          60g (Sifted)

Corn starch          55g (Sifted)



Firstly, we gather all of the ingredients and set aside.
Buttery shortbread cookies recipe

Then, we turn on the electric mixer with medium speed to beat the butter until it’s smooth and pale.
Buttery shortbread cookies recipe


Moreover, we pour in icing sugar, keep mixing until blended and creamy.
Buttery shortbread cookies recipe

After all, we add in all the dry ingredients to the butter mixture. We use our hands to mix it until we form a nice and smooth cookie dough.
Buttery shortbread cookies recipe
Smooth and not too sticky
*If it is too wet, try to dust a little bit cake flour into the dough. *

Furthermore, we use the rolling pin to squash the shortbread cookie dough to our ideal thickness. Then we cover the dough with parchment paper and put it in refrigerator until semi-hard.
Buttery shortbread cookies recipe

Next, we use the “star” mold to cut the dough. We bake it in 180 degrees C (350 degrees F) for about 15 minutes until it’s golden brown.
Buttery shortbread cookies recipe
Buttery shortbread cookies recipe

Finally, we remove the buttery shortbread cookies from the oven. We transfer to a cooling rack then let them completely chill before serving.
Buttery shortbread cookies recipe
Buttery shortbread cookies recipe
Golden brown! 

Buttery shortbread cookies recipe
DADA! Look at that! Can you see the bottom of the fresh buttery shortbread cookies? It’s really crispy, flavorful and stunning!

Thanks for watching and feel free to comment below. See you next time!


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