Best Fish Recipe Easy Guide

  • Best Fish Recipe Easy Guide

Fish Recipe


Hello guys, we’re gonna share a very simple but tasty fish recipe with you today.

In this recipe, you’ll have a very juicy and crispy fish dish. It’s simple as slicing a piece of cake with a knife.

We’re gonna use Japanese pike in this recipe because the meat is much juicy and the oil content is much higher than other regular dishes.

In Hong Kong, there’re a lot of restaurants serve pikes but they’re not tasty and juicy. They sometimes cook the fish and put aside.

When there is order, they’ll just throw the fish in the microwave and reheat them. As a result, that end up evaporated the juices and harden the fish meat.

We hate having a dry and cold fish, that’s the reason we have to cook the fish by ourselves.

As you can see, we use simple ingredients in cooking because we love classic and natural flavors of the fish. We only use salt, pepper and some Japanese spices.

If you’re interested,  let’s get started!

Fish Recipe Ingredients

Himalaya salt

Black pepper


Avocado oil spray

First of all, we defrost the pike and chop away the fish head.

Fish Recipe

Then, we cut through the side of the fish and take out all of the organs.


After that, we wash the fish and clear away the blood veins in the middle of the fish because that’s the most stinks in the fish.

Dry the fish with papper towel and start seasoning with salt, black pepper and shichimi.

Fish Recipe

After all, we pre heat the stove to medium heat and spray the avocado oil on the grill pan.

Slide the pike one by one on the grill pan and pan sear until the fish become golden brown in colour and having a crust.

We flip over the fish and cook until the other side are golden brown and having a crust like the first time you cooked it.

Remember not to keep flipping over the fish as you’re gonna break the fish and the whole fish will be ruined.

Lastly, we transfer the fish to a plate and serve with lemon juice.

Fish Recipe

We’re going to update more often from now on. Feel free to comment or follow us in Instagram and Facebook.

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