Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Healthy Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Hello guys, we’re gonna share with you a healthy and tasty asparagus pork roll recipe. It’s just as easy as one two three. We want to have a healthy diet and it should be a mouth-washing dish so we try to make this simple and healthy appetizer.

Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Pork loin slices


Cheddar cheese

Black pepper a pinch of

Sea salt a pinch of

Olive oil


Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Firstly, we peel and trim the asparagus so they won’t taste too rough or else we’ll have a rough and tasteless asparagus.

Then, we cut the asparagus to our ideal length, about 5 cm. We blanch it in a pot of water mixing with a little bit of olive oil. This act will give the cooked asparagus a much fresher color.

Furthermore, we dry out the cooked asparagus with paper towel so the oil will not spout out when we’re cooking our asparagus pork roll.

Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Moreover, we season our pork loin slices with salt and black pepper so we have a even seasoning on both sides. After that, we place 2 pieces of the cooked asparagus on the pork loin slices.

Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Then, we coat one slice of cheese on the asparagus, we roll the asparagus pork loin to finish our raw asparagus pork roll. Remember the sealing position should be underneath.

Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

After all, we pan sear the asparagus pork roll on the frying pan to make a beautiful finish.

Asparagus Pork Roll recipe

Thank you for stepping into our recipe guide,wish you have a nice day.

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