8 Tips to cook pasta perfectly

Hi guys, today we’re going to share how to cook pasta perfectly at home. There are 8 tips below:

1. Use a larger pot

Large pot gives pasta plenty of space to move and cook evenly. Also it’s much more easier to control the pasta. If you want to cook a smaller portion, just use the suitable size of pot like us.

2. Load up with a lots of water

Although less water is much more easier for boiling, actually it’s totally wrong. The pasta needs plenty of space to boil, at the same time it should have enough water for submerged. Moreover, if you add less water, a part of pasta maybe undercooked.

3. Add salt

Remember to add salt in the water, about 1 tablespoon, just depends on how many water,size of pot or portion. It can gives extra flavour to pasta.

Salted water & boiling

4. Rolling boil

Next, the water should be rolling boil before adding pasta. It is because if the water just reached soft boil stage, once you add in pasta, the temperature of water will decrease immediately. It will affect the pasta.

The temperature was decreased, oh no.

5. “Fan” shape

After that, we will add pasta with “Fan” shape. Sprinkle the pasta evenly like a fan, the rolling boil water will make pasta slides.

“Fan” shape

6. Stir and check

Furthermore, keep stiring and checking the texture of pasta are necessary. Check the pasta packaging, please do not assume that time is accurate. We recommend that check the pasta earlier when it’s done. For example, if the packaging told you to boil 12 minutes, you should check when it have boiled 9 minutes already.

Afterwards, remember one thing, the boiling time is depends on which brand of pasta, shape, size or type of pasta etc. You can find the best cooking time for your pasta!

We will say the best texture should be “AL Dente”. Do not overcook.

Almost done~

7. Drained out the water and keep it

Then, when finished boiling, please keep the water which have strongly pasta flavour. Because this can makes your pasta keep original taste when you cooking pasta. Trust us, keep it! We will have 2 tutorials coming soon for cooking pasta.

Keep about 1 cup

8. Coating

Finally, this part is optional. Normally we will coating with extra-virgin olive oil when the pasta still hot. Because it will add more flavor and the pasta will not stick together. After that, we will let it stay aside for chill a bit before using so we suggested that reduce the cooking time of pasta.


Shining pasta, ready to use.

**We will have 2 tutorials for cooking pasta coming soon.

We hope you guys will enjoy this post and to try to do that, see you next time. Bye!

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