5 Tips for pan-fry steak

Hi guys, today we’re going to share some tips for pan-fry perfect steak at home.

We love steak very much so we have got few tips on how to make a  rare steak.

For cooking steak, you can also use sous-vide machine, we think that will be a better way for cooking steak but today we just share how to pan- frying it first.

Today we will use filet mignon for demonstration. You can also use ribeye or sirloin, it’s up to you.

There are 5 tips that you should pay attention when cooking steak:

1. The quality of steak

First, the final dish will be delicious if you chose the good quality meat. You can feel the juices from the steak and they will explode in your mouth!

Filet mignon (325g, 3cm thick)

2. Room temperature

Next, when we bought the steak, please take them out from fridge and let them warm at room temperature for about 30 minutes. This action can makes the steak cooked evenly from the center.

After that, you can seasoning the steak, the seasoning are optional. We used Okinawa’s salt for seasoning, you can also use black pepper, garlic powder or herbs.

3. High heat

Furthermore, preheat your pan and add some olive oil(you can ask the store for taking some beef’s fat to replace olive oil), make sure that there have some white smoke comes from the pan. This can sealed the surface of steak and keep the juices inside, also gives the nice golden brown for steak.

White smoke

4. Don’t flip too much

Then, we know some people will flipping the steak many times when pan- frying but we thought if the steak have stay at room temperature for enough time, it may cooked evenly so no need to flip too much. For us, we will flip it for 2 to 4 times. Also we have tried that if flipping it too much, the steak will become dry and the texture have a bit chewy.

Pan-frying the first side


Lastly, when the steak have became your ideal wellness preference, you can take it out, let them rest for about 3 to 5 minutes before cutting. This action will make the juices of steak locked inside and gives better flavor and aroma.


It will be very easy when you follow our tips. So here is the recipe and instructions below:


Filet mignon(3cm thick) 325g

Seasoning: (optional)

Salt 10g

Olive oil 10ml


Firstly, please let your steak stay at room temperature for 30 minutes before pan-fry.

Moreover, seasoning with salt and pepper(optional). We used Okinawa’s salt, it taste mild and the taste will not be too strong. Seasoning with both sides.

Salt from Okinawa

Afterwards, preheat you pan, make sure there have some white smoke coming out. Then add some olive oil or you can ask the store to take some beef’s fat to replace olive oil, that will be the traditional way but we forgot to do that haha. Put your steak to the hot pan, be carefully the oil will spread out.

Olive oil

Pan- frying

We love rare so we will cooked 2 minutes for each side, total 4 minutes. You can also adjust the time just depends how thick and what size to your steak. Remember do not flipped too much.

Nice and golden brown color

Next, when finished pan- frying, just take them out the let it rest for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you can cut the meat then you will see what happened inside!

DA DA! Tasty.

We hope you guys will enjoy this post and to try to do that, see you next time. Bye!

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